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Plexus Slim, Block and Boost

Plexus Slim the Pink Drink for weight loss got its start in South East Louisiana and Southern Mississippi back in 2008. At that time the company was know as Plexus Pink a breast health and wellness company. Plexus Slim was added to the product line as a weight loss product. Prior to Plexus Slim being a weight loss product it was being tested as a possible diabetic product. When the test was completed it was noted that all the test subjects saw their sugar levels go down. Another thing happened that was not expected. All the test subjects also lost weight. As a result of this test it was decided to make this pink colored product a weight loss product. The name Plexus Slim was given to the product and that was how things got started. Since the beginning a lot has happened with the company and its products. Watch the 1st video below to learn about all these changes. 

The Early Stages Of The Company

In the early stages of the company there was a combined website for Plexus Pink and Plexus Slim. Later two websites were made. One for Plexus Pink and one for Plexus and the other products that were not part of the original company. In 2011 the company changed their name to Plexus Worldwide. To this day many people still refer to the company as Plexus Slim. The Slim Pink Drink is just one of the many health and wellness products that are in the arsenal of the Plexus Worldwide product line.

Click on the picture below to see the video on the full line of Plexus products.

Become A Plexus Independent Ambassador

People that join Plexus Worldwide are know as Plexus Independent Ambassadors. As a Plexus Ambassador you can participate in the compensation plan and can make money by marketing the Plexus products. You can sell products directly to customers or refer them to your company website and have them purchase products there. Plexus supplies you with a company website at a low yearly fee. This website has a two fold function. Customers can get information on the products from the website and then purchase the products of their choice. Customers also have the option to become preferred customers and save some money. Some customers elect to become Ambassadors and join the company. All this is handled by this one website.

How To Use Plexus Slim

This dink is made with mostly natural ingredients that promote weight reduction in addition to inches while burning fat and preserving muscle. Slim will usually keep cholesterol and blood sugar level at a healthy and normal level. It will also offer you extra will-power not to eat as much and give you the determination over food throughout the day which will certainly supply you with a reduction in binge eating. Plexus is easy to use. Just put the pink powder in a bottle of water a half hour before eating any meal, then start seeing results that you desire and have been looking for.

Instructions on how to use the Plexus drink: Thirty minutes before breakfast, supper or lunch include the Plexus Slim pink powder and add it to about 12-16 ounces of water, stir it up, shake it up, and then drink. Most people love the taste and say it is easy to drink. That all you need to do to start losing weight. It can not get any easier then that when it comes to using this pink powder for weight loss..

Learn more about the Plexus products in the videos below:

**These statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any diseases.

Notice: Contact your doctor before using Plexus Slim products or starting a weight loss plan.